Today's QSO -- K0ALT

Today I called CQ as usual on 7026 by using bugkey.
After several CQ calling with 200Watts QRO, K0ALT Christine kindly called me!
Her signal from 100W with loop antenna was not so big here in Tokyo but the 40m band was fortunately quiet this evening so that I could solid copy. :-)
She said temp is minus 25C.
I doubt my ears and asked her "Do you live on the top of montain?". She said she lives in valley but it is *000FT. (I couldn't copy 1st digit due to QSB but any way higher than 1000FT(or 300m). According to Google map her QTH silt, CO is very mountaneous area and seems very high altitude.
Since it was 1st QSO we finished with very short rubber stamp + alpha QSO but it was very nice meeting on the air. I could imagine the landscape of Silt city of Colorad where I've never been.

CW 4EVER .... CQ CQ ...

NB. Photo from QRZ.COM


Shin JA1NUT said...

They seemed to have a cold front passing in Colo. area. for the past few days. Unsusual cold snap, I guess.

Cap W0CCA/M was on the way to a business meeting in Colo. when I met him on 40m a couple of days ago. He told me of the same kind of temp there. Surprisingly, he was not dariving a car with spike tires. He said he had been experienced in driving in such weather on a normal car and didn't need such tires!

Colo. seems a fascinating place. I would visit there someday, hopefully, in the other seasons than winter. Very fine you have had such a nice QSO with Christine,
whom I have never met before.

By the way, what a shame to hear own keying over the Pacific ocean hi! Terrible errors. Nathan's signal was not loud here at my QTH, either. QSK sometimes was helpful in the QSO with him. Try to give him a shout. You may use the Webradio in reception for him, which is very contemporary type of QSO using the net hi.

Atsu JE1TRV said...

GM Shin san,
I got the reason why such low temp there, thanks for the info!
40m last night was very calm even at my QTH so I cloud copy faint signals.
Salt lake City Web Radio is very nice to know how strong/weak is my sigs falling there. But not usable for real time QSO, since it has very big time delay (about 10 sec or more sometimes!).
vy 73

Kenji Rikitake said...

Silt, CO, USA is in Western Colorado and the elevation is 5456 ft (Silt, CO community profile).

I was living in Boulder, CO in 1974 and there the elevation was approx 1 mile (= 5280ft), about 5328ft.

You can find a lot of mountains in Colorado indeed; I once went to Pikes Peak near Estes Park, CO. The elevation was more than 10000ft.

Kenji Rikitake, JJ1BDX(/3)
also N6BDX

(I once thought to get a 0-prefix vanity callsign, but I decided to get a shorter one for CW)

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi Kenji san
Thank you for your comment!
I knew you lived in USA when you were a young boy, but din't know that was Cololado!
I sutudied cololado state a little and I felt Colo has many beautiful place especially around the Rocky Mountains.
I'd like to visit there someday.
73 & Best Wishes in 2010!