See you at Tokyo Hamfair 2017 & Morse Summit 2020

I'm going to attend 2017 Tokyo Hamfair & 2020 Morse Summit.

The 2017 Tokyo Hamfair will be held on 2nd & 3rd September, 2017 at Tokyo BigSight Exhibition Center.
I will attend at A1CLUB, CWnoSato, FISTS East Asia or JARL CW special booth.
Details for A1CLUB and CWnoSato booths are available here
After 1st day of Hamfair (from 18:00 on 2nd Sept), A1CLUB will host a party so called "QRM PARTY" at Shinbashi. This party is open to all CW lovers. If you are in Tokyo on 2017-9-2, don't miss it! Details are availble here.

Another big event is now announced.
In May 2020, we (main host is Morse-Mie and sub host is A1CLUB) will hold a worldwide gathering of CW lovers in Japan.
Still we have 3 yeras to 2020. So if you have been thinking  to visit Japan someday. You should choose the last week of May of year 2020.
For details please refer to the website here and please contact me if you have any question.