Nice Season

Yellow flowers of Carolina Jassemine is now full bloom at wooden deck. Full bloom of Double Cherry Blossoms (Yae-sakura) is aloso seen at the public park over the deck. Yae-sakura means 8 layer petal. Literally, its flower is very thick and heavy. So the trees look like drooping their heads. Shakuyaku 芍薬 a kind of Peony in my garden. Botan 牡丹 another kind of Peony is coming soon.


Spring Storm

A rapidly growing low-pressure system has passed by Japan this weekend.
We had lots of rain on Saturday evening, then very strong gust is blowing on Sunday even though Sun shine came back.

Altough Carolina Jassemine or Evening Trumpetflower has begun to bloom their cute yellow flowers, very strong gust has been blowing since early morning.
I crank down my antenna on the roof top.