Portable Antenna Trial

Today, wx was pretty warm so I tested my special portable antenna.
This time special was loading coil which is placed top of the 4m-long fishing-rod.
The loading coil is made by aluminium code about 7m long. The point of my idea is its shape. I wound aluminium code in three parts in different diameter so that they can be fold up very compact. Yes! It is retractable coil. As this idea comes from Japanese lantern "Cho-Chin"[提灯], I named this coil "Cho-chin-Coil".

I'm planning to get pattent for this superior idea. (^^v

Today I worked with JA5 station that is about 600km away on 40m band by 3W output of KX1.


ShiroYama-Ko Dam

Shiro-yama-ko dam is located northern part of Sagamihara-city, Kanagawa-Pref. It takes about 30-40min by car from my home in Machida-city, Tokyo.
I went there last Sunday looking for good place to test my newly developed portable antenna.
When I arrived there, good place has already been occupied by some group from Yokohama. They installed many antennas and been operatimg on amateur bands.
So I could not deploy my antenna there.
I just enjoyed nice view from top of the dam.
The dam was empty. It seems under maintenance.

After that, I drive down to the Sagami-gawa River and found wide and deserted place to deploy my special antenna.
But, unfortunately ery strong and cold wind was blowing so that I could not stand for more than 5 minutes. :-p

I'll try again when warmer sunny day comes.


CWops' 1st on the air event

The first on the air event of CWops club held this evening.
1100-1200UTC, 2010-Jan-13.

I came back home 7PM, had quick meal then managed to start QRV just the starting time of CWT from 8PM locat time in Tokyo (= 11:00UTC).

I've been QRV on 40m band only, sent CQ CWT several times but very few response.
The band condition is not good for my system (FT2K/150W + 2EL HB9CV 15mh).

I worked 7 stations in the hour and exhcanged the number with 6 stations.
So, total points are 6x6=36 points.

Thank you for the exhcnage of numbers;

Unfortunately I could hear only one JA member, it's Shin san, tonight.

I like ragchew better than contest, so hope to talk more next time.

vy 73 see you around *8
Atsu, JE1TRV CWops#141


The Coming of Age Day

Today January 11 is the Coming of Age Day which celebrate the people who becomes 20 years old this year.
It is called Seijin-No-Hi [成人の日], when we translate the word directly it is "Adult's Day". But dictionaly says "Adult's Day" is wrong translation since it has another meaning. :-p

The attached image is taken from Today's Google Japan.
Many girls who become 20 years old this year dress Japanese Kimono today. In case of boys, it's rare to dress Japanese men's Kimono now a days.

K3/100 Hi-Temp Alarm

My K3/100 (S/N3050, factory assembled) was in trouble since a week ago.
When I transmit at >12W (means hi-power amp on) within 30min or so after power switch on, Hi-Temp alarm occurs and hi-power amp is shut down and forced to set 5W.
This phenomena stop when the equipment is well warmed up (about 30min or so after switch on).

Other rigs such as FT-2000D, IC-775DX2 have no problem at all even they are transmitted immediately after power switch on.

What's wrong on my K3/100?

New Year Ceremony

Sagichou [左義長]  or Dontoyaki [どんと焼き] is a kind of traditional fire ceremony which is officially held on Jan 14 or Jan 15 to farewell the new year gods "Toshigami-sama" [年神様] leaving for the heaven again. We burn Shimekazari [しめ飾り] and other new year decolation by this fire.

This is an outside wall of my house.
Can you find Morsecode?


Elecraft's reputation in JA

The other day, the elecraft mailing list was hot about its reputation in JA. I don't know who in JA hams said such complain to US ham and how he/she could correctly explain situation in JA.

As far as I understand now after private discussion with JA dealer EDC's person the other day, their pricing of elecraft equipment is resonable. The reason explained by Eric in the mailing list was almost correct.
If Elecraft wants competitive business in JA, Elecraft should decrease its wholesale price to EDC drastically like KenYaCom do in US.


A new international CW group "CWops"

A new international CW group named "CWops" has been born this new years holiday.
Conratulations all CW lovers!
I hope this will lead to improve activity of CW loveres on the band instead of on the internet.
I'd like to propose to have board meeting of the club officers not on the internet mailing list but on the air round table meeting. Hi :-)


A Happy New Year 2010

A Happy New Year 2010!
It was nice sunny new year's day.
This photo is "shimekazari"[しめ飾り] at the entrance door that is a kind of ornament to invite new-years-god "toshi-gami-sama"[年神様] into my house.

Japanese tatami room was full of sun shine.

At "tokonoma"[床の間] a kind of an alcove in a Japanese tatami room, we placed "kagamimochi"[鏡もち] for the place where the new-years-god stays during new years day.

We thank every nature things and pray to the nature's gods "yaoyorozuno-kami" [八百万の神] then eat special dishes "osechi-ryori"[おせち料理] with family. Each dish has reason why it is placed there, all of them are based on hope for peace and happiness.

At the table, each family member declare their plan of this year.
I hope my family be healthy and happy. In addition I swor myself not to waste everyday since this year is the last one year for my 40s.