Graduation Ceremony

Today was the day of the graduation ceremony of my daughter's university.
I took day off and went her univ with XYL. For me it was the second visit to her univ. The 1st time was her entrance ceremony. (^^;;

Unfortunately WX was the worst. Cold rain was falling all day long.
But, I was relieved with her simle and warm words to us.
Congratulations Yoko! おめでとう!
And Best wishes to your new life from April! 4月からの新生活に幸あれ!



On March 20th, We had a dinner at a local fish restaurant in Kamakura to celebrate my daughter's start of job from April and my son's success of entrance exam for the university.

We took "Enoden" Enoshima Electric Train to get the restaurant.

This restaurant is run by a couple who are almost same age with us and always very kind and at home. So I like this place very much.

This is the menu. It's very nice memory too.


EQP 2010

EQP(Elecraft QSO Party) was held for 24hrs from March 14th 0300JST.
I used K3 S/N 3050 at atound 7030KHz.
I could enjoy s/n exchange plus short chat with Elecraft uer as follows;

S/N logged

No S/N logged
JQ2SFZ/M,K7EBW, Total 2 stations.

The score to be claimed;
QSO ponits =11 x 5pts + 2 x 3pts =61pts.
The final score = 61ponts x 3s/p/c x 1pwrmlti =183points

I was very happy to meet many JA Elecrafters, but little bit unhappy that the condition did not allow me to hook up with many foreign Elecrafters especially in US.


Trip to Nikko & Nasu

We had short trip to Nikko and Nasu from March 5 to 6th with XYL and daughter.

We visited Kegon-no-taki waterfall on 2010-03-05.
It was very fine and warm day, the temp was about 20C that is about 10C higher than usual. So, without snow tires, we could drive up to this water fall and chuzenji lake where located about 1200m above sea level so that snow tires are needed inthis season.

On March 5, we stayed at a company rest house which is located in Nasu Highland, about 200km north east from Tokyo.
The rest house is very popular among our company's employee since we can stay with very low price even it looks very gorgeous.(It was built at the economy bubble period around 1990.
There is indoor pool!

on 2010-03-06 we visited Alpaca Farm in Nasu Highland.
There are hundreds of alpaca and we can feed and touch them.
Their eyes are very cuuuute!

In Alpaca Farm in Nasu Highland. There are not only Aplaca, but also pretty little horse like pony. Their height is only 1m or less even they grew up.