One month ahead to the Tokyo Ham fair 2013

The Tokyo Ham fair 2013 will be held on 24 and 25 August.
I will support three club booth such as A1 CLUB, CWの里(Home of CW) and CWops.

Here is the information of A1CLUB.

Anyone who comes to Japan this season is most welcome to our booth.


The 12th A1 CLUB QSO PARTY Result and Entry Certificate

The result of the 12th A1 CLUB QSO Party has been publiced here (in Japanese). And the entry certificate was arrived today.


HL2BM welcome meeting and guest operattion

On July 5th, 7 members from A1 Club had a welcome party of HL2BM Kim OT at Machida, Tokyo.

On July 6th, HL2BM Kim OT came to my home and operated JE1TRV station as a guest operator.
Although he turned 83 years old this year, he looks around 60 years young.
He is really tough.
As soon as he arrived at 9am, he started operation and kept keying for 3 hrs without rest.
He worked 45 statons on 40m band.
After lunch I took him to my local friend's home. And Kim san operated another 3hours or so there and worked 35stations.
I asked him How to keep young.
The reply is:
1. Be optimistic
1. Eat little & Move a lot
1. To have good hobby

I must learn from his words.

I hope to see him again in HL land someday.