Big mistake

In this week, ending of 2012 and begining of 2013, I've noticed that I had made two big mistakes last year. The first one is that: I forgot to apply extension of my station license for fixed-hamradio-station. That license is good through till 2013-01-29. And we must apply its extension at least one month before the expiration date, that was 2012-12-29. I noticed this mistake on 2012-12-30. It was too late!! So, I can QRV on the band with max. power of 200W till 2013-01-29, but after that I can QRV with max power of 50W since my another license for potable-hamradio-station with max. power of 50W is still valid. In order to get high power station license, I must apply from the scratch with expensive application fee. My Tears (T_T) The second mistake is that: I had issued hundreds of QSL card which don't include important information needs for QSL card. That is "RST report". I'm very sorry but if you receive such imcompplete QSL card from me via the buro, please kindly inform me by e-mail or just send it back to me via the buro, then I'll issue new QSL card again. I'm afraid if this a kind of aging effect. Anyway S O R R Y m(_ _)m