The special event station 8J1MORSE, that commemorates the 220th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Morse and the first successful Morse Code communication across the Atlantic Ocean by Guglielmo Marconi in 1901, will QRV from 1st June, 2011 till end of Nov 2011.
For detailes refer to official website http://8j1morse.a1tokai.net/ and offical blog http://8j1morse.blogspot.com

I'll operate the station from June 1st to June 3rd from my home QTH, Machida-city, Tokyo.
Then, on June 4th, we are planning to have field operation event at Sagamigawa-river, Zama-city, Kanagawa-pref.


Opening of Machida A1 Museum

Today, my 50th birthday.
Since several months ago, I've been planning to open small private museum in my home on this memorial day.
Neither vintage bugkeys nor special paddles.
Just a kind of ordinary keys and paddles that I've been collected during my CW life of 35 years up to now.
I'd like to provide a meeting place to guys & gals who are interested in the CW and wondering what key or paddle is suitable for themselves.
To all CW lovers, If you come across to Tokyo, please stop by and visit my museum.
Please note I'm still full time worker, so this private museum is available only weekends with prior notice. Hi

Let's have eyeball meeting and talk about CW!


Golden Week Holidays

We had a long golden week this year from April/29 till Mat/8.
I went to short trip to JA3 area (Shiga & Nara) and JA9 area (Fukui) with wife and daughter and my mother who is living in JA3 area (Hyogo) alone.

April/30, we went Shizugatake mountain where located north part of Lake Biwa.

After Shizugatake, we visited the place of my family's origin in Kinomoto town and pray at my father's grave.

We stayed at Kokou-An Inn in Kinomoto town.
It was pretty quiet place and had very nice hot-spa there.

Next morning we visited Shakudo-ji where famous 11-face-kannon (Goddess of Mercy which has 11 faces) a kind of wooden statue.
Photo took at the front passage to the Shakudo-ji temple.

Then we moved to JA9 area (Fukui), and visited Tojinbo where impressive scenic spot facing to the Japan sea.

and Eiheiji-temple. It was a bit disappontment because it was commercialized than I thought.

We went back to JA3 Area (Hyogo) and stayed at my mother's home.

On the 3rd day, we visited Nara.
This is a kind of ancient remains "Saka-Fune-iseki"
The puropose of that shape of stone is unknown. But some says it was used for squeeze Sake.

This is one of a famous temple in Japan, Horyuji temple.
There are a lot of national treasures.

This is "Ishibutai-kofun" a kind of ancient stone grave.

Finally, we visited "Toshho-daiji" temple.
Here also one of most famous temple in Japan and
there have many national treasures too.

It was short 2-day-stay in kansai district, but it was very impressive and happy time with my family.

I'm afraid my 75-year-mother got tired due to many up/down steps and walks.

I hope to go somewhere nice place again with family soon.