Count down to YR2010

It will be a New Year's Day in 15 min!
Thank you very much for many QSOs in 2009, hope to see you more often on the air in 2010 too!

Everyone, let's go back to the band and pound your brass much more instead of typing keyboard on the internet.
Radio wave is fantastic and romantic and CW is the origin of telecommunications and you can communicate your mind without voice without keyboard but with simple carrier on/off signals.

CW 4EVER ... CQ CQ cq... in 2010



Hi Marcia! Thank you very much for your QSL card. It was arrived at Tokyo today. I'm very glad to know that our QSO was your first ever QSO with outside north America.
I thought that the condition was not the best shape but your signal was decent and I could solid copy your signal pounding from FT1Kmp with Windom antenna.
Let's do it again in 2010 too!



Seasons Greetings

This evening, My lonely CQ calling has been absorbed into the sky.
Two Russian guys kindly gave me a rst report with rubber stamp QSO.
It was a silent christmas eveing.

Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all CW lovers.

CW 4EVER ... CQ CQ cq

NB. Photo from http://www.ghdkey.com/


FT-DX5000 Price

JA CQ Hamradio magazine issue 2010 Jan shows price of FT-DX5000 series.

200W with 0.05ppm OCXO, 300Hz roofing filter & Station Monitor

200W with 0.5ppm TCXO & Station Monitor

200W with 0.5ppm TCXO

50W with 0.5ppm TCXO

They say it's a kind of premium HF transceiver with 6 pole christal roofig filter, 112dB of dynamic range, +40dBm IP3 and completely individual dual receiver.

The delivery date is not fixed yet.


Today's QSO -- N5JB & KO6U/m

The domestic condition was poor this eveing so that we closed regular round table with domestic CW friends on 40m band very shortly.
After that I called CQ with bug and paddle and then bug again on 7026KHz as usual. I confirmed by the Salt Lake City Webradio that my 150W+HB9CV signals are falling in Utah, USA with decent strength.
Wow, N5JB, John called me. His KW+3ele Yagi signal was very strong, it was real S-9 on my FT2KD s-meter with VRF+IPO on.
It was 1st ever QSO with him but he kindly introduced his job before retirement and it was very interesting because he was an engineer for microwave telecomunication network system design like me. And His companies were competitors of my company. :-p
We finished our QSO promising next one.

After that QSO, KO6U/m, Nathan called me. It was long interval to see him again on the air. Unfortunately his signal was too weak and unstable to enjoy chat. But anyway it was happy to hear his vivid pounding from car on the way to his office.
Hope to see him again soon in much better condition.

They made my day! MNI TNX!
.....CW 4EVER.... CQ CQ cq..

NB. Photo from QRZ.COM


Outdoor Stove

This Sunday I tested an outdoor stove.
This stove is called "Tokei-gata" or wall-clock-shape.
It is made of stainless steel.
The material thikness is very thin so it looks cheap (actually it cost only 10K-JPY), but seems good enough for enjoying outdoor cooking.

Radio Bike -- my boyhood dream

This is a kind of my boyhood dream in late 60 to early 70's.
There was neither internet nor cell phones.
The radio communication was the trend and cool thing.
Time flies. Now a days, boys and girls sneers my dream bike as if an odd thing.
Let's go back to my radio room and pound my brass alone.


Today's QSO -- K0ALT

Today I called CQ as usual on 7026 by using bugkey.
After several CQ calling with 200Watts QRO, K0ALT Christine kindly called me!
Her signal from 100W with loop antenna was not so big here in Tokyo but the 40m band was fortunately quiet this evening so that I could solid copy. :-)
She said temp is minus 25C.
I doubt my ears and asked her "Do you live on the top of montain?". She said she lives in valley but it is *000FT. (I couldn't copy 1st digit due to QSB but any way higher than 1000FT(or 300m). According to Google map her QTH silt, CO is very mountaneous area and seems very high altitude.
Since it was 1st QSO we finished with very short rubber stamp + alpha QSO but it was very nice meeting on the air. I could imagine the landscape of Silt city of Colorad where I've never been.

CW 4EVER .... CQ CQ ...

NB. Photo from QRZ.COM


Reading QSO by WebRadio

About one hour later around 22:30JST(UTC+9), I heard Shin-san JA1NUT is chatting with Nathan KO6U/m on the same freq. by Webradio in Utah, USA.
JA1NUT Shin san's signal is much bigger than KO6U/m Nathan's one.
Accutally Shin san's sig heard by Webradio is much better than those heard by actual radio in Tokyo.
Also, Natah's sig is too weak to read by actual radio in tokyo but could be copiable by web radio in Utah.

Calling CQ from web radio

This is my signal calling CQ from Tokyo Japan received by Web Radio in Solt Lake City in USA on 9th Dec.2009. I'm using FT-2000D running 100W into 2elements HB9CV up 15m. It was 2140JST (UTC+9hr) in the eveing in Tokyo.
Even I called CQ NA several times, there was no call back unfortunately. I'm lonely CQ man....CW4EVER CW4EVER... CQ CQ cQ