Google Top Page changed for S.Morse's B-Day

Today April 27, 2009 is the 218th Birthday of Samuel F.B. Morse who is an inventor of Morse Code.


What QRJ stands for?

I read an article written by JK1OPL on the latest Japanese CQ Hamradio magaizne (May 2009 issue). In the article, he introduces Q-code "QRJ".
I've never heard such Q-Code "QRJ".
In the article it is explained that QRJ means "Your signal is too weak to continue QSO." something like that.

I searched "QRJ" by internet and found the site where ITU regulations are listed:
According to this site, QRJ stands for
"How many radiotelephone calls have you to book?" in question style.
"I have ... radiotelephone calls to book." as answer.

Which one is correct?