Japan will drop Morsecode proficiency test from Amateur Radio exam completely

Japan will drop Morsecode proficiency test for Amateur Radio completely

On Nov. 22, 2010, Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and
Communications (MIC) announced a request for Public Comment
concerinig drop of Morsecode proficiency test in the amateur
radio license exam.
The Morsecode proficiency test for amateur radio has been relaxed as follows;

In 1996, Japanese Morsecode was dropped from 1st Class requirements.

In 2005, Reqiured Speed dropped to 25cpm both for 1st (ex. 60cpm) and
for 2nd Class (ex. 45cpm), and Test deleted for 3rd Class (ex.25cpm).

And this time, All proficiency test will be deleted.

MIC will accept public comments until end of Dec, 2010, then
it may take another few months to be finalized and become offical.
(guess it'll be around spring in 2011)


Mystery Tour

On Nov. 19 and 20, I have attended a mystery tour that my wife and daughter applied a month ago.
The attraction of the tour is that distinations are kept secret until the day of the travel.
The starting place was Shinjuku at 7AM. We got up 5AM to get Shinjuku station on time.
From Shinjuku, we got a bus with 45 other participants.
The bus ran Tomei Express way towards west.
The WX was perfect clear and we enjoyed beautiful view of Mt.Fuji.

At Toyokawa, Aichi-prefecture the bus got off the Tomei Express way then heading north. This is a nice looking brifge called Harp Bridge in Toyokawa.

Around noon, We arrived the first distination.
That was Kourankei 香嵐渓 a famous fall color viewing spot in Tokai district.
The maple leaves are the best of their fall color in this season.

After that, we moved to Kahiko-jima island 賢島 in Shima-city. 志摩市
The hotel we stayed was not so new but the room has ocean view windows and the meals have served to the room. (In this kind of economy class tour, meals are usually served at a restaurant or a buffet style, not served to individual room)

Sun rise view from hotel room.

Morning radio with KX1 and fishing-rod wire antenna.
I could hear many dx sations but no QSO unfortunately.
I hoped to check in the A1 Club On Air Meeting (OAM) from 7AM Saturday Morrinig on 40m band.
But, I cloud not hear the signal from the Key station JP1BJB, Aki this time.
As the but will start on 8AM, I regrettably shut down my portable station before checking in the OAM.

The 2nd destination was, Ise Shrine in Ise-city.

Ordinary people cannot enter the main building of the Ise Shrine.
We can see the main shrine only from very far place.
Only the emperor can get into the main building.
This is Japanese tradition since 1300 years ago.
And amazingly this building had been completely re-building evry 20 years.
It cost about 50bilion Japanese Yen now.
This kind of ceremony had been continued since 1300 years ago.
I thought this is the origin of Japanese Public Works 公共事業.
Many people could get their job for this kind of ceremony.
So it had a good reason to do such a wasting works every 20 eyars.

The last place we visited was Okuni-Shrine in Fukuroi-city, Shizuoka-pref.

It was another nice place to see red maple leaves.

It was a quiet shrine.

My daughter, Yoko picked a Omikuji or a fortune slip, which predicted good fortune "Kichi" for her. I hope it must be true.


Shorinji Kenpo

My son joined a Shorinji Kenpo club in the university.
On Oct. 23 I and XYL visited his univ to see autumn festival of the univ.
That was his first experience to join a soprts club in his life.
He did very well than we thought.


Fall color in Yamanakako

Today was Japanese national holday, I visited Yamanakako Lake with wife and daughter to see fall colors.

The WX was very nice and We could see Mt.Fuji very well.

Beautiful red Japanese maple "kaede" or "momiji" leaves!

Yoko & Kyoko looks happy :-)

We love Mt.Fuji


Meeting wid K6ZB

We had an eyeball meeting with K6ZB, Bruce last Saturday.
We met him at Shinjuku Japanese restaurant with JE1RZR, Manabu.
We enjoyed pleasant talk about ham radio especially CW operation.

Next Sunday, I attended Bruce and his wife Cathy to visit JA1NUT Shin san.
We had precious time at Shin's home.

Bruce at operation desk of JA1NUT.

Then, myself at the desk.

Bruce and Shin

Shin san's Chevron paddle was shining silver.
Surprising observation at Shin san's shack;
1) No PC, hand-writing notebook for log.
2) Very Simple. only FT2K + VL1K amp.
3) Gap for paddle finger tips are much wider than mine.
I can't imagine how to send accurate Morsecode with 40wpm+ speed.

So, my regret was that I could not see his operating scene this time.

After nice talking mainly about politics at living loom,
Shin san took us to Mashiko.
After shopping at Mashiko-Yaki pottery, we moved excellent Japanese style restaurant at Mashiko and enjoyed delicious Kaiseki-Ryori.
Around 9PM we said 73+88 at Utsunomiya.

What a nice experience!


SKCC Pro-Pump Key

I got NT9K Pro-Pump SKCC Club Key 2010.
Here is my impression;


Tokyo Hamfair 2010 report

A1 CLUB booth at Hamfair 2010

A1 CLUB QRM Party at Akihabara, 34 CW lovers participated and enjoyed drinking for 3 hours.

Snap shot of JA CWops, left to right, JL1IRB, me (JE1TRV) and JA8CDG.


Tokyo Hamfair 2010 (Aug-21 &22)

Tokyo Hamfair 2010 will be held on upcoming weekend, August 21 and 22.
A1 Club presents booth at booth #C-056.
Please refer to following page for details of our exhibition:

As to details of our project this year, refer to following page:

Another CW club that I belong to, such as CWops, FISTS and JBA will present joint booth at booth#J-50.
CW communication over Internet is planned at that booth.
For details refer to JJ8KGZ, Leo's blog below;

As to general info about the hamfair, please refer to JARL Web:



Lilies in my garded got their flowers.
These flowers recall our memory of the travel to Izu last summer with my mother.
My mother became 74 this year and living in Hyogo pref. alone. She lives alone there since my father has passed away 13 years ago at his age of 70.
Fortunately she is still in very good health, but I feel she is getting thin and small year by year lately.
I cannot go home town so frequently so I must thank my elder and younger brothers are living near her home and take care of her time to time.


Eyeball Meeting with DJ3KR

Today I had nice eyeball meeting with DJ3KR, Dr.Juergen.
He has been attending the meeting of National Institute for Polar Research Tachikawa from June 2nd till June 5th AM.
So we set eyeball meeting at 1PM at palace Hotel Tachikawa.
Two other CW friends joind the meeting at coffe shop near the hotel.


Viva CW communiccation!

My CW friend and his wife showed on the JA CQ Ham Radio Magazine.
His nice article about his encounter of CW and step up history of CW skills are described there with some piece of photos.


Full Bloom

Cherry blossoms are now in full bloom at Tokyo area.
Today and tomorrow is the best day to see them.
Today I went to Ikuta Rokuchi Park located near Mukougaokakouen station in Kawasaki city, Kanagawa-Pref.
There are 1500 Cherry trees and all of them are in full bloom now.
These blossoms are going to fall down in a week or so. Japanese people like this tree very much. Of course I love them.


Graduation Ceremony

Today was the day of the graduation ceremony of my daughter's university.
I took day off and went her univ with XYL. For me it was the second visit to her univ. The 1st time was her entrance ceremony. (^^;;

Unfortunately WX was the worst. Cold rain was falling all day long.
But, I was relieved with her simle and warm words to us.
Congratulations Yoko! おめでとう!
And Best wishes to your new life from April! 4月からの新生活に幸あれ!



On March 20th, We had a dinner at a local fish restaurant in Kamakura to celebrate my daughter's start of job from April and my son's success of entrance exam for the university.

We took "Enoden" Enoshima Electric Train to get the restaurant.

This restaurant is run by a couple who are almost same age with us and always very kind and at home. So I like this place very much.

This is the menu. It's very nice memory too.


EQP 2010

EQP(Elecraft QSO Party) was held for 24hrs from March 14th 0300JST.
I used K3 S/N 3050 at atound 7030KHz.
I could enjoy s/n exchange plus short chat with Elecraft uer as follows;

S/N logged

No S/N logged
JQ2SFZ/M,K7EBW, Total 2 stations.

The score to be claimed;
QSO ponits =11 x 5pts + 2 x 3pts =61pts.
The final score = 61ponts x 3s/p/c x 1pwrmlti =183points

I was very happy to meet many JA Elecrafters, but little bit unhappy that the condition did not allow me to hook up with many foreign Elecrafters especially in US.


Trip to Nikko & Nasu

We had short trip to Nikko and Nasu from March 5 to 6th with XYL and daughter.

We visited Kegon-no-taki waterfall on 2010-03-05.
It was very fine and warm day, the temp was about 20C that is about 10C higher than usual. So, without snow tires, we could drive up to this water fall and chuzenji lake where located about 1200m above sea level so that snow tires are needed inthis season.

On March 5, we stayed at a company rest house which is located in Nasu Highland, about 200km north east from Tokyo.
The rest house is very popular among our company's employee since we can stay with very low price even it looks very gorgeous.(It was built at the economy bubble period around 1990.
There is indoor pool!

on 2010-03-06 we visited Alpaca Farm in Nasu Highland.
There are hundreds of alpaca and we can feed and touch them.
Their eyes are very cuuuute!

In Alpaca Farm in Nasu Highland. There are not only Aplaca, but also pretty little horse like pony. Their height is only 1m or less even they grew up.