Morse Tree

I made a Morse Codes Table and a Morse Tree which can be used for both International Morse and Japanese Morse.

Here your are !

As you see, Japanese Morse Code has almost double number of characters than for International Morse Code. Until 1996, we had to master both of them to get the 1st Class Amateur Radio Operator license.
In October, 2011, the Morse Code proficiency has completely deleted from the requirement of all sorts of amateur radio operators license. 


Looking for Spring Colors

Today We have been Jindaiji Botanical Park.
There are so many kind of Sakura Cherry Trees.
Some are almost finisghed some are full bloom and some are still before blooming.
We enjoyed not only Cherry Blossoms but also other spring flowers and blossoms with tasty homemade lunch box :-)



Emergency Roll Call Practice

Time flies. 2 years have been passed after the tragedy on 11th March, 2011.
The Great East Japan Earthquake is the worst largest disaster in Japan after the WW II. 15,881 people were killed, 2668 people are still missing.
The number of victims including related death counts over 20,000.
Two years ago, severe shock hit us at 14:46JST. I was in a meeting at the 21st floor of company office in Kawasaki city. The building was swaying heavily from side to side. We all had been clinging to the desk until the swaying comes calm. Few minutes after the first shock we got second shock which is same level of the first one. At that time, I thought this building might be collapsed and we are all going to die. As such, I felt the fear of death.

After two years passed, reconstruction of damaged cities and towns are still far away from expectation and also the crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima is still in critical situation.

In order to keep these things in our mind and to prepare for the emergency

time, A1 Club has started the Emergency Roll Call (EMG-RC) practice since last year.

Yesterday from 10AM, the 4th EMG-RC was held on 7005KHz mode CW using international Morsecode.

A1 Club headquarter station JO1ZZZ controlled the roll-call.

The condition of participants is simple. They must use portable power source instead of commercial AC mains power.

So, some use car battery, some use engine generator, some other use just cell batteries, etc.

And many of them worked from outdoor using simple wire antenna, mobile whip, etc.

We remind with each other that it is always important to prepare for emergency time.

Here are the participants list on 2013-3-10 A1C EMG-RC;


JI3HTQ 449 599 5W

JA3NZ 579 579QSB 30W

JE6HID 339 379 10W

JF4CAK 449 599 20W

JG1QPZ 559 599 5W

JR0DIL 559 599 50W

JK7UST 449 579 5W

JA1LJW/1 559 589 20W

JR3SMX/3 559 599 4W

JJ0QGB 589 599 50W

JA2BCQ/2 579 599 4W

JO3UCS 579 599 50w

JR1CPB/1 349 579QSB 2.5W

JQ1BWT 549 599 2.5W

JA4AZS 549 599 3W

JK8SBF/8 439 579QSB 50W

JO1KPL 559 599 0.5w

JA1HMK 599 599 5w



JI0VWL's HST training program "CW FREAK" is now applicable for Windows 7 and 8 computer. It had been usable under Windows XP for years but finally Windows 7 & 8 version has been released on March 1, 2013 as "CW FREAK NET".

Here is the English Page http://www.ji0vwl.com/cw_freak_net_e.html

This is the screen image of CW Freak Net;

Below is my first attempt result  :-)

And, the reslut can be uploaded to the ranking site easily from the menu button.
Your socore is put into the ranking on-line.
Below is the ranking page image

Why not try?