Lilies in my garded got their flowers.
These flowers recall our memory of the travel to Izu last summer with my mother.
My mother became 74 this year and living in Hyogo pref. alone. She lives alone there since my father has passed away 13 years ago at his age of 70.
Fortunately she is still in very good health, but I feel she is getting thin and small year by year lately.
I cannot go home town so frequently so I must thank my elder and younger brothers are living near her home and take care of her time to time.


Eyeball Meeting with DJ3KR

Today I had nice eyeball meeting with DJ3KR, Dr.Juergen.
He has been attending the meeting of National Institute for Polar Research Tachikawa from June 2nd till June 5th AM.
So we set eyeball meeting at 1PM at palace Hotel Tachikawa.
Two other CW friends joind the meeting at coffe shop near the hotel.