Meeting wid K6ZB

We had an eyeball meeting with K6ZB, Bruce last Saturday.
We met him at Shinjuku Japanese restaurant with JE1RZR, Manabu.
We enjoyed pleasant talk about ham radio especially CW operation.

Next Sunday, I attended Bruce and his wife Cathy to visit JA1NUT Shin san.
We had precious time at Shin's home.

Bruce at operation desk of JA1NUT.

Then, myself at the desk.

Bruce and Shin

Shin san's Chevron paddle was shining silver.
Surprising observation at Shin san's shack;
1) No PC, hand-writing notebook for log.
2) Very Simple. only FT2K + VL1K amp.
3) Gap for paddle finger tips are much wider than mine.
I can't imagine how to send accurate Morsecode with 40wpm+ speed.

So, my regret was that I could not see his operating scene this time.

After nice talking mainly about politics at living loom,
Shin san took us to Mashiko.
After shopping at Mashiko-Yaki pottery, we moved excellent Japanese style restaurant at Mashiko and enjoyed delicious Kaiseki-Ryori.
Around 9PM we said 73+88 at Utsunomiya.

What a nice experience!