BBQ with K3TN

K3TN John and his XYL Carol came to my home with JJ8KGZ Leo.
I invited local friends and had a BBQ at my garden.
Many frisnds gathered and enjoyed drinking eating and chatting under the sunshine.
It was very nice sunny day. Thank you everyone, thank you nature god for this fine time. May the peacefull time be with us for long!

John wrote about his visit to JA i his BLOG


Spring comes even on the tragedic island

Hi Friends!
Thanks for your kind and warm message from all over the world both on and off the blog.
After 3.11 of the great north-eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami, we lost more than 28,000 people including missing and still near to 200,000 peopole are living in the shelters. And situation of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has been getting worse.
The trouble of the nuke plant was caused by lack of risk management of Tokyo Electric Power compant (TEPCO) and government. As one of a Japanese people, it's shame of ourselves and I'd like to apology all the foreign countries we are worry about contamination of the environment.
After one month of the tragedy, we still have many aftershocks with magnitude 4-6.

Although such situation, spring comes equally.
Cherry blossoms are now full open around Tokyo.

I decided not to use AC mains power sourced by TEPCO for my hobby.
My CW signal made by solar power since April, 2nd, 2011.

No More Fukushima!