Radio Bike -- my boyhood dream

This is a kind of my boyhood dream in late 60 to early 70's.
There was neither internet nor cell phones.
The radio communication was the trend and cool thing.
Time flies. Now a days, boys and girls sneers my dream bike as if an odd thing.
Let's go back to my radio room and pound my brass alone.


ocr said...

Never mind others' voice. Leave it.
The youth is your own. Your dream in your childhood: a rig with a microphone, and the one for now: a key, make you a key rider. It's cool.


Atsu JE1TRV said...

Yes, I'm going my way :-)
I'll try CW mobile next time. Hi

vy 73! Atsu

Renato Nunes - PY1ET said...

Sou o Renato Nunes - PY1ET e aqui pelo Brasil sou amante de cicloturismo e é lógico radioamadorismo.
Fico muito contente em saber que tem muitos amantes assim como eu por todo este mundo.

Forte 73...
Renato - PY1ET