A new toy arrived !!


New Contest Information

I got an interesting contest information from Trippy, ac8s as follows:

> The first annual on the airantenna party.
> Sponsored by Trippy Brown, ac8s.
> starts 2300Z, September 21
> ends 0400Z, September 23
> bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, and 2 meters
> modes: am, cw, fm, ssb.
> purpose: to get as many hams on the air as possible that weekend, and
> hams know about different antennas, and hear how they get out, so they
> put up one just like it. I want us hams demonstrating our antennas, so
> other hams, can put up better antennas if they hear one they like.
> Whether you want to make just a few contacts, or, if you want to make a
> lot of contacts, don't sit this one out! Get on the air and have fun
> learning about and hearing, new antennas, and, let others learn about,
> hear your antenna!
> exchange: signal report, US state, Canadian province, or dx country,
> antenna being used, where it's located, for example, on a balcony, in an
> attic, how high up it is, and, how much power you're running.
> An example exchange would be
> "you're 59 Alaska, running a long wire, in a backyard, up 10 feet,
> 200 watts."
> work once per band, once per mode.
> Class, single station, single op, I want as many stations on as possible.
> power: must run 200 watts or less.
> Must run only from a fixed location, such as, your place of residence.
> Logging: no logs need to be sent to me. Just take down any info about the
> other stations antenna that you need to know, such as what is given by
> station.
> The station can give as much info on the antenna as needed, such as, how
> to build it, or, tell the station you're working, that they can find
> directions on how to build and put up the antenna at a certain web site,
> or, to send you an email with a request on info about the antenna.



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