K3 returned after repair but...

On May 3rd, my K3 #1070 has been arrived from US after repair.
The TAT was 39 days including go & return transportation lead time.

According to the Elecraft's repair report, they replaced RF Board and confirmed all performances meet their published specifications.

HOWEVER, UNFORTUNATELY, I found that the K3 still has problem.
Very high noise and terrible intermodulation interference on all bands except 20m band is still observed.

I was totally disappointed.

Yesterday, I reported this info to the Elecraft's enginner who wrote the repair report.
Today, I received reply from Elecraft engineer and he is asking symptom. I sent all correspondences that I communicated with another Elecraft man before repair, since the symptom is not changed at all before and after repair.


John said...

Hello Atsu san..

Sorry about your K3. It is very disappointing. Unfortunately it is very difficult to fault-find on this type of equipoment, even if we are experienced electronics engineers. Special test equipment is required. I believe Elecraft will solve the problem soon because they will be concerned about customer satisfaction.

I came back after 7 weeks in the shipyard a couple of days ago. I listened to the radio last night and only made one QSO to CT-land on 17m. Very bad conditions still.

I posted a message to Leo JJ8KGZ blog site but it was not posted. Maybe I am doing something wrong. His website is very entertaining, and full of Japan news as well.

I put the link to his blog on my site too.


73 de John

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi John-san welcome back!
Sunspot is still very low or zero.
Although the band seems still for low band shape. I could hear many EUs on 20m last night, even though they were not so loud.
Well, as to K3, I'm communicating with Elecraft how we can do next. So far no progress, but yes I feel they are very kind and willing to solve the problem.
I don't know why you cannot post Leo's Blog. I hope you will be able to do soon. Yesy, his blog is very nice and I also enjoy his articles.
See you on air soon!