Memories of Minami-Izu

We’ve been Izu Peninsula last weekend with wife and daughter.
Driving plan was as follows;


The final destination: Inn “Minami-Izu”
The distance to the final destination of the spa inn “Minami-Izu” is 166km.
We select the route as flat as possible since my car is the E/V (Nissan Leaf, Electric Vehicle).
In this route we stopped at the free quick charge station of Nissan dealer at 106km point.

Main event is to visit i-ZOO. i-ZOO is Japan’s largest zoo of reptiles and amphibian where we can directly touch not only turtles and armadillos but also snakes and lizards.

My daughter is interested in the reptiles and she wanted to visit i-ZOO initially.
Nevertheless, she was scared and didn’t touch the snakes, etc.
Have you ever touched the snakes?

Snake’s skin is smoother and colder than I thought.
The most surprising discovery in my half century life is that it’s not wet and it doesn’t smell at all.

On the way to the inn, we visited a quiet shrine just besides of see coast.

We stayed at Inn Minami-Izu and enjoyed delicious fish dishes and nice open-air bath.
Other snaps are shown here! Look!!


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