HL2BM welcome meeting and guest operattion

On July 5th, 7 members from A1 Club had a welcome party of HL2BM Kim OT at Machida, Tokyo.

On July 6th, HL2BM Kim OT came to my home and operated JE1TRV station as a guest operator.
Although he turned 83 years old this year, he looks around 60 years young.
He is really tough.
As soon as he arrived at 9am, he started operation and kept keying for 3 hrs without rest.
He worked 45 statons on 40m band.
After lunch I took him to my local friend's home. And Kim san operated another 3hours or so there and worked 35stations.
I asked him How to keep young.
The reply is:
1. Be optimistic
1. Eat little & Move a lot
1. To have good hobby

I must learn from his words.

I hope to see him again in HL land someday.



VE9KK said...

WOW Im 53 and I could never keep up to that pace. It was great to hear the wise words he gave for those who want to live long and enjoy life to it's fullest.

John said...

yes it is great to see and hear the Old Timers on CW ! One day we will be like them.... I still look for you on the air. I heard you a few nights ago on 30m with Mukai but it was late when you finished the QSO and I did not want to disturb your sleep. I am always amazed listening to Mukai... he has only been ham for 5 years but sends CW like an OT !

All the best

John said...

second try to send this message... yes it is great to hear the old timers on CW. One day we will be like them !
I look for you on the bands. I heard you a few nights ago on 30m with Mukai. He amazes me and sends CW like an old timer ! He has only been ham for 5 years....I did not call you after your QSO cos it was late in Japan.
All the best