JI0VWL's HST training program "CW FREAK" is now applicable for Windows 7 and 8 computer. It had been usable under Windows XP for years but finally Windows 7 & 8 version has been released on March 1, 2013 as "CW FREAK NET".

Here is the English Page http://www.ji0vwl.com/cw_freak_net_e.html

This is the screen image of CW Freak Net;

Below is my first attempt result  :-)

And, the reslut can be uploaded to the ranking site easily from the menu button.
Your socore is put into the ranking on-line.
Below is the ranking page image

Why not try?


VE9KK said...

Good afternoon, I have been meaning to download this program on my XP machine. I wanted to run it on my laptop but it is running Ubuntu and CW Freak does not as of yet run on that OS.

Atsu JE1TRV said...

I could run the new CW FREAK.NET program on my Windows XP laptop without any problem.
I'm not sure if it is applicable on Ubuntu.
The old program for XP is here http://www.ji0vwl.com/cw_freak_e.html