Japan will drop Morsecode proficiency test from Amateur Radio exam completely

Japan will drop Morsecode proficiency test for Amateur Radio completely

On Nov. 22, 2010, Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and
Communications (MIC) announced a request for Public Comment
concerinig drop of Morsecode proficiency test in the amateur
radio license exam.
The Morsecode proficiency test for amateur radio has been relaxed as follows;

In 1996, Japanese Morsecode was dropped from 1st Class requirements.

In 2005, Reqiured Speed dropped to 25cpm both for 1st (ex. 60cpm) and
for 2nd Class (ex. 45cpm), and Test deleted for 3rd Class (ex.25cpm).

And this time, All proficiency test will be deleted.

MIC will accept public comments until end of Dec, 2010, then
it may take another few months to be finalized and become offical.
(guess it'll be around spring in 2011)

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