ShiroYama-Ko Dam

Shiro-yama-ko dam is located northern part of Sagamihara-city, Kanagawa-Pref. It takes about 30-40min by car from my home in Machida-city, Tokyo.
I went there last Sunday looking for good place to test my newly developed portable antenna.
When I arrived there, good place has already been occupied by some group from Yokohama. They installed many antennas and been operatimg on amateur bands.
So I could not deploy my antenna there.
I just enjoyed nice view from top of the dam.
The dam was empty. It seems under maintenance.

After that, I drive down to the Sagami-gawa River and found wide and deserted place to deploy my special antenna.
But, unfortunately ery strong and cold wind was blowing so that I could not stand for more than 5 minutes. :-p

I'll try again when warmer sunny day comes.


Tomas said...

Hi Atsu !

Very intresting to me - empty dam for maintance. I am quite sure if it happen here, green activist call it ecological disaster as dam is part of nature life..

Will you share more inforamtion about your portable antenna? I want make portable too. I have 12,5m fibreglas rod and I am looking for some inspiration what hang up. :)

73 Tomas ok4bx

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi Tomas!
Thanks for your comment.
I'm interested in making an effective HF potable antenna with maximum protability.
When warm day comes, I'll go out again and test it.
Please come to see here time to time.
73, Atsu

Tomas said...

Atsu, I have subscribed your blog RSS feed to my reader, great way for me, how not miss your new post..

Wish you good luck with WX and good performance of your portable antenna. Btw, here is -10 to 0°C and plenty of snow everywhere. After years we have got regular winter..

73, Tomas