K3/100 Hi-Temp Alarm

My K3/100 (S/N3050, factory assembled) was in trouble since a week ago.
When I transmit at >12W (means hi-power amp on) within 30min or so after power switch on, Hi-Temp alarm occurs and hi-power amp is shut down and forced to set 5W.
This phenomena stop when the equipment is well warmed up (about 30min or so after switch on).

Other rigs such as FT-2000D, IC-775DX2 have no problem at all even they are transmitted immediately after power switch on.

What's wrong on my K3/100?


Kenji Rikitake said...

Internal sensor error?

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi Kenji san
Elecraft tech support said similar thing.
I checked it and made calibration again. But no luck so far.