Last October, I had to put down all antenna system from the balcony due to rain leak.
After one month without antenna I've put up a broadband non-radial vertical antenna.
But its performance was too poor to send decent signal to DX in this poor condition.
So, I'm frequently log on the CWCOM lately.
CWCOM is a free software that can simulate CW QSO via internet.
There is no thrill of HF propagation such as QSB, QRN, QRM but we can enjoy CW ragchew with stable condition.
I'm waiting at channel:1000 every night around 10PM local time  (13:00UTC) before bath time.
See you at CWCOM!


My RBN activity

My RBN activity result in 2015 shows,
I am mainly send CQ on 40m bands. That's it.
On higher bands I usually take search and pounce style, so the RBN activity doen't show real activity of the station.


"Quality over quantity"

My policy in hamradio is "Quality over quantity"
One conversational QSO makes me satisfy much more than hundreds' contest like QSOs.



I've been Mt.Fuji with XYL on August 27 and 28.
It was tough form me.
On Aug. 27.
We arrived at Lev.5th where 2300m a.s.l. at 11:30 by bus and started to climb.

 At 16:30 we arrived at Lev.8th where 3100m a.s.l.

 Beautiful view from the Lev.8th.
 After short rest at the cottage "Taishikan"  at 23:30 we started to climb again for the summit.
At 04:20, finnaly we arrived the top of Mt Fuji where 3776m a.s.l. !!
 When arrived the summit was rain, but it was changed to sleet and getting windy,
So, just 30min stay at the summit, we started to climb down.

 During the long long down way, we could enjoy awesome view of mountain range "Minami apls" etc.
 Finally We arrived at Lev.5th at 9:30AM on Aug.28.
It was 2nd time in my life to climb up Mt Fuji.
The first time was when I joined the company at age of 23. We went there with some guys who joined the company at the same time and stay at the company's dormitory.
And this time with my wife Kyoko. For her it was the first time in her life.
It was tough for us. But it was a precious time for us too.


Suspend the blog

Thank you for visiting my English blog.
I have no spare time to update this blog lately.
So I decided to suspend this blog for indefinite period.

I'll try to keep up and date my Japanese Blog instead.
So please visit there if you like.




Denshin-An, A Japanese Style Rent a Home in Kyoto

I found an interesting website by chance.
"Denshin-An "
It is a kind of rental stand alone home in Kyoto where you can stay Japanese traditional style home.

伝心Its name "Den Shin" means "to communicate heart (or mind)".

In same pronounceation, "Den Shin", there is another word that is 電信.
This 電信"Den Shin" means "Telegraph".
Therefore, for Japanese CW operator Telegraphy is a kind of tool to communicate their heart with others heart.

So, try Denshin-an and tell me your impression on the bands, Hi



Trip to Shimane

On Dec 20 and 21, I went Shimane prefecture in Sanin district with wife and daughter.
Just one day short stay but we enjoyed, Adachi Museum of Art, Matsue Castle and Izumo Taisha Shrine.
Japanese Garden in Adachi Museum of Art
Matsue castle
Izumo Taisha Shrine

Detailes are shown in the photo album below;