New Year Ceremony

Sagichou [左義長]  or Dontoyaki [どんと焼き] is a kind of traditional fire ceremony which is officially held on Jan 14 or Jan 15 to farewell the new year gods "Toshigami-sama" [年神様] leaving for the heaven again. We burn Shimekazari [しめ飾り] and other new year decolation by this fire.

This is an outside wall of my house.
Can you find Morsecode?


Tomas said...

Awesome idea put CQ on the wall and great design..GL 73 de ok4bx

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi Tomas-san
Thank you for your comment.
I'm always welcome reply from walking amateur radio operator. Unfortunately no takers for about two years since the Morse Code is put in the wall.