A Happy New Year 2010

A Happy New Year 2010!
It was nice sunny new year's day.
This photo is "shimekazari"[しめ飾り] at the entrance door that is a kind of ornament to invite new-years-god "toshi-gami-sama"[年神様] into my house.

Japanese tatami room was full of sun shine.

At "tokonoma"[床の間] a kind of an alcove in a Japanese tatami room, we placed "kagamimochi"[鏡もち] for the place where the new-years-god stays during new years day.

We thank every nature things and pray to the nature's gods "yaoyorozuno-kami" [八百万の神] then eat special dishes "osechi-ryori"[おせち料理] with family. Each dish has reason why it is placed there, all of them are based on hope for peace and happiness.

At the table, each family member declare their plan of this year.
I hope my family be healthy and happy. In addition I swor myself not to waste everyday since this year is the last one year for my 40s.


ocr said...

How nice OSECHI dishes you have! As you know, some Japanese family does not have OSECHI every year. My own parents neither so far. But my wife's parents have it. So I have this year. I had KUWAI potato a lot and hope my success. hi

Atsu JE1TRV said...

ocr san
nice to hear that you had osechi this year.
Unfortunately I've never eat KUWAI.
I believe they will bud in your stomach soon :-)
Best wishes in 2010 to you and yours!

ocr said...

For foreign reader's information, I wrote KUWAI is a sort of potato. But in the fact, it is not a kind of potato but a bulb aka an arrowhead. Japanese tradition said my hidden talent get appeared if I have KUWAI bulb.

Anyway, my stomach will grow soon as a bulb comes into bud? A KUWAI raises Engel's coefficient. ha ha