The Coming of Age Day

Today January 11 is the Coming of Age Day which celebrate the people who becomes 20 years old this year.
It is called Seijin-No-Hi [成人の日], when we translate the word directly it is "Adult's Day". But dictionaly says "Adult's Day" is wrong translation since it has another meaning. :-p

The attached image is taken from Today's Google Japan.
Many girls who become 20 years old this year dress Japanese Kimono today. In case of boys, it's rare to dress Japanese men's Kimono now a days.


masaG said...

Hi Atsu san.
A Happy New Year.

My son had the Coming of Age Day.
In our area, thats ceremony was in yesterday.
He went out Saturday morning, nearly noon.
And he got home this morning HI.
He said that he enjoyed a KARAOKE with some friends overnight.
I thought its similar for me to enjoy CW overnight.

take care es CWYL.73. de ja4mrl

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi MasaG san
Congratulations to your son.
My daughter finished this ceremony two years ago. And my son'n turn will be next year.
The time flies...