CWops' 1st on the air event

The first on the air event of CWops club held this evening.
1100-1200UTC, 2010-Jan-13.

I came back home 7PM, had quick meal then managed to start QRV just the starting time of CWT from 8PM locat time in Tokyo (= 11:00UTC).

I've been QRV on 40m band only, sent CQ CWT several times but very few response.
The band condition is not good for my system (FT2K/150W + 2EL HB9CV 15mh).

I worked 7 stations in the hour and exhcanged the number with 6 stations.
So, total points are 6x6=36 points.

Thank you for the exhcnage of numbers;

Unfortunately I could hear only one JA member, it's Shin san, tonight.

I like ragchew better than contest, so hope to talk more next time.

vy 73 see you around *8
Atsu, JE1TRV CWops#141


jj1ttg/aki/7 said...

> I like ragchew better than contest, so hope to talk more next time.

Me too...

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi Aki!
Thank you for your comment.
I miss you on the air lately. Hope to catch you soon on the air again.
73 & HNY to U & URS

The Ancient Mariner said...

Atsu san...

My new blog is at


with links to you and Shin-san and Zen and the Art of radiotelegraphy.

Please remind me of the JA A1 man in Singapore and the sked times. I missed the last opportunity.


Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi John san
Thank you for your info about new blog. I'll QSP your message to Ted san in 9V1.
Long time no QSO with you.
I hear your sigs last Sunday at FEA NET Part-2, but all sigs were too unstable at my RX to check in.
CWYL & 73