Hida-Shirakawa-Kanazawa Bus tour

Last weekend, I've been Hida-Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa, etc by bus tour with XYL and daughter.
We got up in the ver early Saturday morinig and went to Shinjuku terminal by train then get on the tour bus there. Tour started 7AM from Shinjuku.
Before 1st destination Takayama we short stopped at a parking near Kamiko-chi. The mountains are already covered by colourful leaves.

At Takayama, we ate Takayama ramen.

Then we walk around Hida-Takayama old town.

Very nice red leaves of "Momiji"a kind of maple.

Next we visited Shirakawa-go, a wolrd heritage, where old Japanese houses are preserved.

Next day (Sunday), we visited Kenroku-en, a traditional Japanese Garden in Kanazawa-prefecture.

Here is Kanazawa-jo castle.

The last one is Higashi-chaya-machi, a traditional amusement center in Kanazawa.


Finally we drive along seaside of Nihon-kai or Japan sea.

It was very short but concentrated trip. It was fun but tired. zzz


ron said...

VY FB trip isn't it?
I like Hida Takayama very much too!
Especially i like ASAICH es yellouish ginkgo in TAKAYAMA.

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Ron san
Thank you for your comments.
This was my 2nd time to visit Hida-Takayama.
The first time was back to my junior high school age.
This time I have no enough time to see the town well.
And too many tourist there.

knw said...

You must have had a very nice time with your family.
Autumn is the best season for ham radio DX QSOs, but it is also one of the best seasons for traveling.
I really envey you, Atsu-san.

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Nobu san
Yes, indeed!
Best season is too short for Operating Radio, Traveling around and eating delicious foods. Hi :-P