A1 Club Year End Party in Akiba

We had a pleasant year end party with 13 A1 club members at AKIBA 秋葉 or AKIHABARA Electric Town in tokyo on 2009-11-28(SAT).

Due to heavy drinking I had hangover on Sunday.
I managed to woke up before 7AM and checked in JBA's RT30.
Thank you for nice short chat Leo-san JJ8KGZ.
After that I have no energy to entry CQ WW Contest CW at all. Hi

At 5PM, I checked in FEA's NET part-2 on 18.085KHz today.
I was the only one who checked in today. Thank you for nice chat Manabu-san JE1RZR. I'm very interested with new toy that he will get soon. It's something related to his KW license.

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