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Here is the Elecraft News Update received on 2009-11-25 07:46AM here in JA.
I've been interesting when they release linear amp KPA500, 800, 1500, etc.
Unfortunately they are not shown in the news.
But, Panadaptor P3 and Watt Meter W2 are also interesting though.
Good luck Elecraft!

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Nov. 24, 2009

What's new at Elecraft? - K3 & K144XV 2-m module, P3 Panadapter, W2 Wattmeter

There's a lot going on at Elecraft, so we thought we'd get you caught up on our new
and enhanced products. Thanks to you, we have had our best year ever. We've also
just celebrated our 10th anniversary since shipping our first K2, and we have also
just moved into a larger facility.

In less than two years, the Elecraft K3 has set a new standard for high performance
HF/6-meter transceivers. It's one of very few rigs to offer true diversity receive,
giving DXers the edge they need. The K3 has also become the rig of choice for many

The world's top contesters have also given it rave reviews, thanks to its
unsurpassed close-in dynamic range (see, for example, www.sherweng.com/table.html).
Yet the K3 is still the most affordable rig in its class, starting at just $1899 for
the K3/100 (no-soldering kit; also available fully assembled and tested). And at
only 9 pounds, it's also the ultimate rig for Field Day, lightweight travel and more
casual outings.

But the K3 just keeps getting better!

-- Starting in early 2010, we'll be shipping our new P3 Panadapter.

The P3 is a stand-alone DSP spectral/waterfall display unit that's a perfect match
for the K3. It has a built-in, high-contrast color display (LCD), point and click
QSY tuning and better integration with the K3 than is possible with PC-based
panadapters. P3 features include signal averaging, peak hold, adjustable gain and
adjustable reference level. It also includes a buffered IF pass-through for
support of additional processing by other peripherals. for pictures and more info,
see: http://www.elecraft.com/K3/K3.htm

-- Also shipping in December is the K144XV, an internal 2-meter module for the K3.
With the K144XV you can now also use your K3 for 2M weak-signal and FM operation. It
has outstanding receive specs, power output of up to 10 W (typical) in all modes,
and can be used with both the main and sub receivers. With a K144XV installed, the
K3 provides all-mode, full 160-2 m coverage.

-- New K3 firmware features include dual receiver diversity reception, synchronous
AM detection with VFO auto-tracking; 1-button press automation of often-used switch
sequences (such as SPLIT with VFO movement); selectable extended bass response; and
enhanced noise reduction. For the latest K3 firmware downloads, see:

We are now shipping the W2, our new autoranging HF / VHF / UHF Wattmeter/SWR bridge.
Its microcontroller-enhanced feature set includes PC-readable power and SWR,
programmable alarms, and free firmware upgrades via the internet. The W2 uses remote
sensing, with up to two sensors that can be automatically selected as you transmit.
Sensors are available in several power and frequency ranges (1.8-55 MHz up to 2 kW,
and 144-450 MHz up to 200 W). The W2's compact size makes it ideal for tight spaces,
and while it's styled to match the K3, it will work with any transmitter or

Finally, we're offering a special price on the completely updated 2010 ARRL Handbook.
This is in honor of the K3, which received the League's top rating in three of its
"recommended transceiver" tables (Handbook pages 14.10 to 14.13). The limited time
special price of the 2010 ARRL Handbook is just $29.95. To order, see our Books
Page. http://www.elecraft.com/books/books.htm#hbarrl

For further information on all of products, including th eK3 and our three
complete-kit transceivers (K2, K1, and KX1), VHF/UHF transverters, and mini-module
kits, please visit us at:


You can see our price list and order on-line at:


You can also reach us at our new phone number: (831) 763-4211, or email us at:

Wayne, N6KR
Eric, WA6HHQ
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