I worked with G3SED, Mike. He is the 1st G station on 40m!

QRG:7010.3KHz, CW.
He was 400W rotaly dipole 28meters high.
My power was 150W with 2 ele HB9CV.

Condition seems very nice and fortunately noise level was very low this eveing here.

I hope band condition will be much better and more stable, and then the day that I can do long chat with G stations and other deep European countries easily will come soon!


The Ancient Mariner said...

hi Atsu san,

Hope you are fine and your family too.

I worked G3SED a few times but not for a few years now. He likes to ragchew.

Have been in EU on holiday--- France and England. Back at QTH struggling with Top Band. Hope to work you soon on 40m.

By the way I have deleted my radio blog now. Some bits of it are on the main blog, including my trip to Tokyo.

73 John
9 V 1 V V

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi John san,
Nice to see your message!

Well, G3SED's signal that night was decent and clear. I've never heard such decent signal from UK on 40m.
I felt real improvemnt of band condition there.

Hope to hear your signals on Air, too.
Last night I found your callsign on the DX cluster, but QRG was 160m band....hmmm I have no aerial system for top band.

See you on 40m and up soon.
Thank you for the info about your blog, too

vy 73, Atsu JE1TRV