Trip to Nikko & Nasu

We had short trip to Nikko and Nasu from March 5 to 6th with XYL and daughter.

We visited Kegon-no-taki waterfall on 2010-03-05.
It was very fine and warm day, the temp was about 20C that is about 10C higher than usual. So, without snow tires, we could drive up to this water fall and chuzenji lake where located about 1200m above sea level so that snow tires are needed inthis season.

On March 5, we stayed at a company rest house which is located in Nasu Highland, about 200km north east from Tokyo.
The rest house is very popular among our company's employee since we can stay with very low price even it looks very gorgeous.(It was built at the economy bubble period around 1990.
There is indoor pool!

on 2010-03-06 we visited Alpaca Farm in Nasu Highland.
There are hundreds of alpaca and we can feed and touch them.
Their eyes are very cuuuute!

In Alpaca Farm in Nasu Highland. There are not only Aplaca, but also pretty little horse like pony. Their height is only 1m or less even they grew up.


ocr said...

I've never been there in winter. But I do in every summer. As you know, there are so heavy traffic in the season because that area has an insufficient choice of route. How were on this visit with you?

Atsu JE1TRV said...

ocr san
The access route to the chuzenjiko lake "irohazaka" was almost empty. Usually the road is danger with ice in this season, but that day was very hot and no ice on the raod. So, I could enjoy the winding road there.:-)

ja1nut said...

In Sunday morning, you told the others in the net that you would take your wife to her office. That made me convinced that your trip should have been cancelled the last week end due to the bad weather etc. A pity you could not drop here with your family. Maybe, next time.

I hope you have had good time up here. I couldn't help feeling envious or even jealous that you were united so strongly with the other family members. It is thanks to your effort as the father and husband fpr them.

I found the higher portion than 7030 is good for ragchewing with the statessides when the band is skipped for JA. Keep up your activity even if your position at the office may keep you so busy.


Atsu JE1TRV said...

Shin san
Thank you for your warm words.
The rest house we stayed this time at Nasu-Highland is very popular and almost no chance to get ticket for weekend. So I got ticket for one night on Friday this time. Fortunately, Friday's WX was excellent and we could enjoy Nikko area without heavy traffic jam.
As to condition on 40m band, I also noticed that above 7028 is much clear than 7026+/-. Yesterday, I worked with W6 station on 7030 and he said that I'm his 1st JA station. It was a nice event too.
CWYL on air!

KINKON said...

Sorry to write this time only.

You had a good time @ Kegon water
fall. I was born in Tochigi-pref.
so i want to visit there in coming month by train. de JA1NMH in JA

Sandi said...

I was looking for directions to Nasu Alpaca Farm and I chanced upon your blog. The alpaca looked so cute!

I was just wondering if you are required to make any arrangement with the farm before visiting ?

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Yes they are lovely!
just go there,
no reservation is required.