Graduation Ceremony

Today was the day of the graduation ceremony of my daughter's university.
I took day off and went her univ with XYL. For me it was the second visit to her univ. The 1st time was her entrance ceremony. (^^;;

Unfortunately WX was the worst. Cold rain was falling all day long.
But, I was relieved with her simle and warm words to us.
Congratulations Yoko! おめでとう!
And Best wishes to your new life from April! 4月からの新生活に幸あれ!


ocr said...

It is the northwestern of the capital, isn't it? hi
I think you all had a warm day even it was a chilly day.

Atsu JE1TRV said...

ocr san
Hi, that's right.
I was almost a taxi driver today, I drove a car more than 5 hours today. Hoo..(^^;

ron said...

Congratulations to your daughters graduation ceremony!

I'm too hope best wishes to her new life from April!

John said...

Congratulations to your daughter Shin san, you must be very proud. My daughter passed her final accountancy exams recently... she's a real accountant now and just got a new car to celebrate.

I guess we are both just old fathers doting over our daughters.

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Thanks John san
And confgrats fro your daughter!
I miss you on the air.
Hope to see you again soon!

de JE1TRV Atsu