EQP 2010

EQP(Elecraft QSO Party) was held for 24hrs from March 14th 0300JST.
I used K3 S/N 3050 at atound 7030KHz.
I could enjoy s/n exchange plus short chat with Elecraft uer as follows;

S/N logged

No S/N logged
JQ2SFZ/M,K7EBW, Total 2 stations.

The score to be claimed;
QSO ponits =11 x 5pts + 2 x 3pts =61pts.
The final score = 61ponts x 3s/p/c x 1pwrmlti =183points

I was very happy to meet many JA Elecrafters, but little bit unhappy that the condition did not allow me to hook up with many foreign Elecrafters especially in US.

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