Sweet present!!

Sweet present has come!
Unfortunately it's not a valentine's present from girls but a lucky present donated by JG2AKR for A1 Club Wabun (Japanese Morsecode) QSO party.

The 3rd anniversal Wabun QSO Party has been held from year end of 2009 till new years day of 2010.
I could worked only 7 stations and more than 50 guys submitted their logs. So I did not expect any award this time.

So, it's very big surprise for me to get such a nice present.
Thank you Miyamoto-san for your sweet present!


TOUR said...

This is JA1NMH living in Bangkok up to coming Sunday. I got many ham friends here in Thailand and I shall operate club station HS1AC after joining with RAST. 73
Enjoy Wabun QSO !

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Oh, Kinkon-san
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Let's go for drinking when you come back to JA!

TON said...

I came Guam Is y/day, to enjoy golf and Ham radio, we try to QSO as W1NMH/KH2 and/or KH2KY, if
god help me. CU es 73 !


PSKH2KY You can read as KUUKI YOMENAI in Guam.