CWops Mini-test FEB

On 10th of Feb, I rushed back to the home for the 2nd mini-test of CWops.
I managed to arrived at home just few minutes before starting time 8PM (1100Z).
So I fired up my FT2K without taking a meal.
After few nember exchange on 40m, I made supper break then get back to the radio. Total 9 exchanges have been made. Condition was better than the 1st time in Jan.
Since next day (FEB-11) is Japanese national holiday, I tried to get up for next session starting from 4AM (1900Z).
But, ooops! I woke up 4:30AM. Only 30min are left...
I directed my 40m HB9CV to Europe and searched CQ CWT stations.
Condition this time is not so good for my system but managed to work with 8 stations from Russia, Ukrine and Czech Republic.

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