Plum blossoms in Odawara

Today Feb-11 was Japanese national holday.
Although the weather was not so good, my family decided to visit Pulum groves in Soga, Odawara-city located south weatern part of Kanagawa-pref.
It was very cold with misty rain sometimes but plum blossoms (or Japanese Apricot) are almost in full bloom there.

Lovely! Smells good too!

Poyo (XYL) and me.

Yoko (Daughter)


MasaP said...

you and your wife are very
"Atsu Atsu" !!

Atsu JE1TRV said...

You too, MasaP-san. (^^;;

masaG said...

I've just found a fantastic word, Atsu Atsu.

I have to usu the word when I hear Atsu san's sig on the air. Hi Hi.


Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi masaG san
I'm looking foward to hearing such joke on the air soon!


The Ancient Mariner said...

Nice photo of the blossoms. It seems early in the season for flowers. Is this global warming?

Interesting your post on CW Ops. I have never heard of them.

Don't forget to delete the bottom two 9V1VV links from your link page - they are dead now Atsu san.

Happy Chinese New Year !!!

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi John san
Usually plum tree flowers here in Tokyo area open early Feb. So, it seems normal at least.

As to CWops, I sent invitation mail to you about 1 month ago. I'm afraid that the mail has not been delivered correctly since it was just mid of your job on the ship.