My K3 is very poor

I made apple to apple comparison between K3, FT2000 and K1.
The band is 40m and the time is eveing in Tokyo Japan.
Above shot is a band scope snap on 40m band when I made the test.
The biggest peak around 7330KHz is a Broadcast whose signal strength is +60dB over S9 on my FT2K s-meter.

And here is the comparison movie, 1st one is K3 vs K1, and the second one is K3 vs FT2K vs K1.

K3 is obviously very noisy and poor. FT2000 is much better than K3 and K1 is the best in three radio.
200-dollar raido beats 4000-dollar raido!
Is this only on my K3?


Ed N4EMG said...

Wow, that's quite a difference between the three radios listening to the same signal. I'm assuming you are using the same antenna for each and that the auto-tuner (if present) was working properly in the K3? I know that whenever I have the auto-tuner installed in my K2, there are times that it doesn't update after making a band change and I must manually force it to update. Signals are often attenuated if I don't do this.

I'm certainly curious to learn if you discover a reason for this.

73 Ed N4EMG

Anonymous said...

Didn't you connect the coax to a "RCV ANT" bihind the K3? :-)

It's impossible.

You may need to get your K3's BPF checked.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you connect the coax to your "RECV ANT"?

It's impossible.

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi Ed & Leo Thank you for your comments and advise.

Well, I've been using K3 bypassing the internal tuner. So I believe that the tuner is not a issue.

This morning around 7AM, I confirmed pretty normal reciving behavior on 40m band.

My friends who have K3 don't have such experience.
So, only my K3 is something wrong....

I'm going to spend much time to find out the cause of this phenomena this weekend.