Marconi TRX1A

After long silence since Hamfair 2008 (Aug/2008), Marconi-Japan has finally announced their first products on 2009-03-08. That is a HF Transceiver Case Kit "Marconi TRX1A".

It is Not a Transceiver kit but a Case kit.

It includes prefabricated case, knobs, fly-wheel drum, meter, connectors for RF and AF signals, power socket, cooling fan.
No PCB, electronic components for transceiver is included!

At the time of Hamfair2008, the guy at the Marconi booth explained that they will provide transceiver kit.
Since I have been interested in their presentation at Hamfair2008, I've been confirmed the progress of their preparation time to time and I saw that they have been reducing their plan guradually and finally they decided to sell only CASE KIT.
It's disappointing.

The sales price of the CASE is 88200JPY. Expensive!!
They are going to sell 30 sets only without having stock.

I've been confusing the company name with the famous telecommunication company of "Marconi plc" in UK that had been bought by Ericsson few years ago.
But Marconi-Japan seems no relation with that. It looks like a private workshop or personal company.

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