K3 Forced Repatriation

After one week investigation at local K3 holder's shack with Elecraft engineering support by e-mail, my K3's trouble is found as serious.

Following video clips are the comparison of bad K3 and normal K3 submitted to Elecraft engineer for their reference.

my K3 upper, my friends' K3 lower.
receiving strong signal out of filter bandwidth.
First upper then lower and repeat.

Same setup with receiving strong signal within thefilter bandwidth.
Swiching bad K3 and normal K3 vice versa.

I appreciate Elecraft enginner's patient support everyday.
But unfortunately, no improvement obserbed.
I deceided to send my K3 to the factory.


jk7ust said...

The sound is too bad.
I hope your K3 will come back soon.

The Ancient Mariner said...

I find my K2 almost perfect. No key clicks heard on the headphones when using full break-in. Maybe I will reconsider buying K3 after your comments Atsu san...

Busy working in a shipyard repairing the "Rockwater 2" - I am not very active these past few weeks because I come home very tired. In bed by 9 pm. I must be getting old !!!

John 9 V 1 V V

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi John san
Thanks for your comment.
Well K2 is almost perfect for CW ops, I agree.

My K3 is still in the Elecraft factory and not fixed yet.

I miss your signal from 9V1 recently but please take good rest when you are at home.

see you!