I bought HB-1A, a 3-band (40/20/30m bands) 4W QRP transceiver, made by BD4RG.
It was 24800JPY including transportation and handling charge through ICAS Enterprises.

Its clear LCD display indicates,
- Frequency with full digit.
- input DC voltage,
- S-meter level

Inside view, mostly SMD is used.

Comparing with similar concept rig, KX1 side by side.
Size: KX1 is smaller than HB-1A
Weight: KX1 is lighter tha HB-1A.
Material:HB-1A's case is made of iron.
KX1's case is made of Alminum.
Functions: No RF Gain control on HB-1A
Continuous RF Gain control on KX1.

4 filter setting (900/700/500/400) on HB-1A.
Continuous setting from 500Hz to 2KHz on KX1.

KX1: Many commands are available for user
HB-1A:Very few commands are open to the user.

Following video clips were recorded on 40m band.
HB-1A have inter-mod from to strong broadcasting signal.
ATT must be on for normal operation under strong signal in the same band.
KX1 has much better inter-mod performance.

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