Alberto I1QOD Bug

I1QOD Alberto makes excellent bug and paddles in Italy.
I found his reputation on eham.net 3 mmonths ago and I ordered one of his bug keys.
3 months have been passed and the key finally arrived at my house last week!
It is all brass standard version. It's shining gold on my operation desk!

This is the first time to use double lever type for bug key.
I need more practice to become familiar with it.
But I can't wait to show up on the air :-)

Calling CQ (1)

Little faster! This is my max. speed (^^;

I used this bug key only few hours so far, but it is obiously the most excellent bug key that I have ever used.
This bug key is the best for QRQ operator.
Since I'm not QRQ operator now, I must keep K4VIZ Right Angle Bug for ordinary speed operation.

Yesterday, I worked two US stations on 14050KHz, I called CQ SKCC there, I put QRV info on K3UK SKED PAGE


JF3KNW said...

How many paddles or keys do you have?

Atsu JE1TRV said...

I don't remember exactly...
At least 10 keys I have.. (^^;

YOUNG TAE said...

Have you ever used Japanese BUG GH-GN207A? I am looking for quietest bug key.

Kang, HL5NLQ

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi Kang-san
Thanks for your comment.
My friend has GN207A and I've used his GN207A a little.
It's very smooth and easy to send from very slow speed. Since it is mechanical contact type. It sounds some noise when it is operated but felt much quieter than American Vivroplex Bug. Loudness of operating noise, in my feeling, is Vibro > Albert > GHD