Spider-Beam Antenna (2)

I'm enjoying assembly work of the spider-beam antenna.
It takes time but it's also a kind of fun to measure and cut from the scratch.
At a very initial stage, we must fabricate the Guy Lines.
A special fibre rope "Kevlar" is used for the guy line.
Once Kevlar is cut, the end of rope become feazing. Like photo below;

The instruction manual says to melt the ends with a lighter.
However I found that the melted ends became thicker than original diameter then it will not go through the 3mm hole of the plastic insulatiors.

So, without melting the ends, I wind thin & tough wire like photo below;

Then go it though 3mm hole of the plastic insulator then pulled it out.

I needed to make this kind of work 16 times, (^^;;


Sawa said...

Dear Atsu-san, Great to hear you got a Spiderbeam,too.I love to correct Kevlar and other Mil.spec ropes as they are the best for portable ops these years.I had finally succeeded to melt the UV-resistant textiles though, had wasted so much time.
Recently,I usually use a weaker Dacron rope but feel keen satisfaction OM
.TU 73 TVH

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Thank you for your comments.
Well, actually assembly of my Spider-beam has not been completed during cold season.
Now the spring has come and I'm going to complete assembly in the coming Golden-Week holidays.
73, Atsu