Today I got an very sad news from JI7VBW Ms.Horikiri who is a secretary of FCWA (Fukushima CW Association).
Her mail said JA7SSB, Jun (Mr.Junji Saito) has been passed away last night (2008-12-2).
He was 77 years old but he was very well and active on the air just before he died.
He has been maintained a nice website "The Hamradio" since 1998.
He has been revised the DX news almost everyday for 10 years on that website.
Also, he was a big boss of hamradio community.
I personaly met him on 1997, when I moved to Fukushima-prefecture due to my job rotation. I joined FCWA and enjoyed and learned many things with him and FCWA members in Fukushima.
During my stay in Fukushima, I was inspired by his activity on hamradio community and it leads me to found A1 CLUB in Oct.1998.
Now a days, A1 CLUB was grown up as a biggest CW fan club in Japan with 1200 members.
He was a really great elmer of our hamradio operators.
I'll keep his memory forever and we must keep his wishes "Don't forget amateur spirit, don't forget to challenge, don't forget to study"
Thank you Jun OM, nice dreams there!

73 de JE1TRV Atsu

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