I like Analog meter better than Digital bar graph meter.
I think I am an analog generation.
I don't like video game, I don't like cell phone.
Internet and PC are just a convenient tool but not a fun thing.


Isao said...

In 1976 a electronic company started to sell personal computers TK-80 first in Japan.
That company named NEC was the fastest-growing one in Japanese PC industry.
NEC has made me what I am today.

Anonymous said...

So am I. :-)

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi Isao san
Yes, I remember you told me that story on the air the other day.
NEC had a capability to inovate original things but the management misled the employee to concentrate their power on profitable things.
Recently, engineers are hard to chase their technical interest and losing their dreams.
It's a pity.