Accident in this morinig at commuter train

This morning I encountered a small accident at Noborito station of JR Nanbu line.
Time was around 8 o'clock. Just a peak of rush hour.
I jumped into the train that was about to close the door.
After me, a beautiful young lady tried to dash onto the train.
But, she stumbled on a gap between platform and the train, then fell on her bottom with her legs widely open to me!.
I was glued to her crotch and could not help her...
She stood up by herself but her shoe dropped onto railraod from the gap, though.
The train door closed heartlessly, then started as nothing happen.



Anonymous said...


You should have told me that you started your new blog in English! :-)


Atsu said...

Leo-san Thank you for your comment.
I opened this more than two years ago but cloud not continue to write articles. Recently I was inspired by your English blog and I just restarted to write articls like diary.
For me to make English sentence is hard and to open my childish English worldwide is shame on me.
So I din't tell this site to anyone.
So, Leo-san please do not spread this site info. ...

Anonymous said...

Okay! I won't :-)
I provided a link on my blog though.

But your English is very good!

We don't need to hesitate to write our blogs in English. It's normal that we can't make perfect composition and misspell a lot.
And it's a great training for us to brush up our skills of English.

Good luck! :-)

Atsu said...

Thank you Leo-san.
Your words encourage me very much.

Isao said...

I agree with you indeed.
If it were not for your schedule today, you cud have watched her more carefully and have been friends with her. grin

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Isao-san Thanks for your comments.

If I were signle and young, I'm sure I did help her without hesitation, but...