Trip to JA6 land with KX3

As I posted before, I got KX3 in late August this year. However, I could not QRV until mid Nov since I must get station lisence revision pernmission from the national authority. The lisencing process in JA is still bureaucratic and old fashioned. We must revise the station lisence everytime when we add or modify own transmitter. Altough some part of process became internet system, if the transmitter is not the type approved one, it takes long time to pass evaluation by TSS, which is the only one company who is allowed to issue certificate for submitting to the national authority. Japanese amateur radio maker register their transmitter as type approved before they start marketing so that the user can revise their station lisence easier without certificate issued by TSS. Anyway, I finally got revised my station lisence in mid Nov. so that I could take my KX3 to the trip to JA6 land last week. Here is everything that I took for my trip: The preparation was OK. But i had no enough time to operate radio during my trip though. Here are set up at hotel in Beppu Spa. I took 9m wire with 4m fishing-rod. So, I extended the fishing rod from the window of 8th floor of the hotel and 4m wire along with the rod and rest of 5m of wire was just dropped from the tip of the rod. I used 5 of 5m long wire for radials. But SWR is not so good even with KX3's internal tuner. (I must consider better way to get good grounding next time) The 2nd day, our room has balconi so that antenna settin was easier. And SWR is low on 7MHz. But I could operate for short time so that I could not work with any station until the time limit that I must pack laggage for departure. It was not so good trip to enjoy amateur radio. But it was very nice trip to spend time with family. I'd like to share some photos during our trip HERE. 73+88


VE3WDM said...

Good morning Atsu, it's great the licence came through for you and that you were able to begin to operate the rig. I also have the KX3 and have been waiting for the keyer and internal charger that has been on back order for some time now. Great setup and good to hear you were able to get the antenna situation to work for you.

Ray - W7ASA said...

Ohio Gozaimasu Atsu-san,

I enjoyed reading your blog - especially your travel to JA6 land. The little bit of ham radio time from the hotel is still fun! I have the older KX-1 and also enjoy operating ham radio when I travel.

de W7ASA ..._ ._

Ps. I like the "CQ" wall picture! Very clever - I laughed!

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hello Ray san
Thank you for visiting my blog.
If you have a chance to come to Tokyo please visit my home :-)
I also have KX1 too.
It's an another excellent small rig indeed.

Hope to see you on the band someday!

73, Atsu JE1TRV

YO9IRF said...

Nice KX3, are you happy with it ? I'm looking for a portable rig myself, but I haven't decided yet.

Catch you on the air !

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Yes I like KX3 very much.
KX3 has excellent performance and functions as same as big rig has.