TS-990 at Tokyo Hamfair 2012:A1 Lab.モールス通信研究所

I've been Tokyo Hamfair 2012 last weekend.
Although I was busy as a staff of A1 Club booth almost all two days, I could seen the brand new Kenwood flagship model TS990 for just a few minutes.
It's front face with full of switches and knobs recalled my childhood memory that I wrote an illustration of front panel of TRIO, former Kenwood, T/R599 line on the desk of elementary school and played with buddy pretending HAM operator.

It's something like an boy who is excited in front of aircraft's cockpit. :-)

See my Japanese blog where I put YouTube link for short video clip that I took.



John K3TN said...

Hi, Atsu - at the Dayton Hamvention, the TS-990 was in a plastic box (a very, very large plastic box) so you could see it but not touch it. As you say, it had so many knobs and displays that the front panel looked like the cockpit of a 747 airliner.

But what really suprised me was how physically large it is. For many years (since 1991) I have been using transceivers that run on 12v so the power supply is seperate - the TS 990 is the size of a microwave oven! Perhaps it will pop popcorn, as well?

73 John K3TN

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi John
Well, I heard that the weight of TS990 is around 50kg!

I'm still looking forward to finding you on the bands :-)

see you there